Mobility Problems

Feeling a bit wobbly and possibly a little unsafe after a prolonged illness, following surgery or just something that seems to have come on over a period of time? Finding the stairs more difficult and the settee too low, or do you, or someone you know just want to get fitter but don’t know where or how to start?

Pamela’s experience as a physiotherapist can help you.

After an initial consultation where you can discuss your requirements, followed by an examination to establish where and what your weaknesses are, you will be shown which exercises are appropriate for you and given self help tips as to how to improve your mobility, lifestyle and give you more confidence and independence.

You may only need one session but of course can return when you feel ready to progress further. If you wish to bring somebody along to accompany you you are welcome to do so. The ground floor treatment room and on-site parking make this an option for the less mobile.