Keyworth Wolds Ladies’ Probus Visit

Pamela Marsh visited our Keyworth Wolds Ladies’ Probus on Monday 20th January 2014.

Our club is for retired ladies so we were very keen to hear her talk called “Looking After Yourself”. She made it very interesting and also entertaining telling anecdotes which highlighted many bad habits it is easy to get into over the years and the difficulties we were experiencing as a result. She showed with the help of Henry (her skeleton) how the back and neck work and explained the reasons for holding these in a good posture while sitting, standing, rising from a sitting position and walking. Why lack of concentration and trying to “cut corners” can cause falls and accidents. She showed us simple exercises we can do, even in a sitting position, to strengthen leg muscles.

Pam also demonstrated how to practise keeping your balance. So if you come to Keyworth and see ladies of a certain age walking in a straight line with heads held high and putting one foot in front of the other heel to toe, you’ll know why!