Joint Pain

Symptoms including joint pain, stiffness, aching and swelling can range from one to multiple joints and from annoying discomfort to totally affecting your life.

Is medication the sole answer?

The cause and severity of the joint pain will affect how much progress you are likely to achieve, but this is evaluated by Pamela and discussed with you during the initial examination. The appropriate physiotherapy treatment is then applied and advice given as to how you can help yourself to speed up your recovery and prevent a recurrence.

Physiotherapy can help in many ways to reduce the symptoms and ease the pain, strengthen muscles to support the joint(s) and to provide the appropriate short and long term advice.

If you can’t walk far or climb stairs easily the treatment room is on the ground floor and you can park on-site.

Examples of joint pain include knee or ankle pain, painful hip, shoulder pain, elbows, wrist or fingers.