Back pain / Sciatica

Physiotherapy can help when you are suffering from a ‘slipped disc’,  wear and tear, whiplash injury, lumbago, sciatica, arthritis, trapped nerves, torn muscles, damaged ligaments, muscle spasm, sacroiliac joint problems or back strain.

Your physiotherapy session would consist of a thorough assessment and examination, including taking a full history, followed by the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Together we will work out your treatment plan. The length of your plan will be dependent on your needs. This may involve  a range of physiotherapy techniques including

  • manipulation
  • massage
  • electrotherapy
  • acupuncture
  • exercises
  • a self help programme to continue at home between treatments
  • a tailor-made exercise regime  on discharge to help prevent further problems

You can bring a relative. This often helps to make sure you have asked all your questions .Please feel free to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

For your convenience Pamela Marsh’s Physiotherapy Practice in Bingham has free on site car parking and the consulting room is on the ground floor – essential if you are in a lot of pain and have difficulty with stairs.