Arthritis / Rheumatism

Arthritis involves pain and inflammation affecting one or more joints and can be treated with physiotherapy.

Following initial assessment and an examination, including taking a full history, Pamela would discuss with you what treatment options are available. Treatments may include massage, electrotherapy, exercises and possibly acupuncture which is particularly effective if you have pain in many joints.

The primary aim is to enable you to reach and maintain your maximal potential and quality of life, whether you are 25 or 95!

We will look at ways you can help yourself to restore function and prevent loss of mobility before it occurs depending upon the severity of your arthritis,

You can bring a relative. This often helps to make sure you have asked all your questions and made a note of the exercises and advice given.

Pamela Marsh’s  Bingham Physiotherapy Practice has convenient on-site parking so you won’t have far to walk and the quiet treatment room is on the ground floor.